Academic Support

Student tutoring at the Q Center at the Homer Babbidge Library
Student tutoring at the Q Center at the Homer Babbidge Library on the Storrs campus

Course Placement

Major and Career Exploration


Academic Achievement Center (AAC)

  • One-on-one academic coaching and counseling on effective learning and study strategies, exam preparation, motivation, goal setting, and stress management.
  • Workshops and presentations on study strategies, time management and other topics
  • UConn Connects : Pairs each student with a faculty, staff or peer facilitator who will guide them through the semester. To sign up for UConn Connects, visit the AAC website.
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI):
    • Work in small, collaborative groups with your peers
    • Review lecture material, course reading, and assignments through exam reviews, practice quizzes, and discussions

Dean of Students (DoS)

If you have a question, a concern or a problem to solve, and you are not sure where to begin, the Dean of Students Office is a great place to start. Matters with which the Dean of Students office assists:

  • Exam rescheduling
  • Mediation for ongoing relationship problems with friends, roommates, coworker, faculty member, etc.
  • Sexual assault reporting and resources
  • Assist with ongoing academic issue like poor grades or interpersonal issue in the course
  • Voluntary Separation from the University
  • Short Term Emergency Loan Funds/ Veteran Loan Funds
  • Residency declaration for in-state tuition
  • Readmission to UConn
  • Extensions for incomplete courses

Student Support Services (SSS)

  • Increases access to the University of Connecticut for first-generation, low-income and/or underrepresented students.
  • Services include: tutoring, counseling and advising, peer advising

Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD)

  • Accommodations and services available to students with a documented disability. Apply for services on the CSD website.
  • Beyond Access (open to all students by application; fee for service program)
    • Helps students work on time management and organization, study skills, stress management, self-advocacy, memory and concentration, social skills, career preparation, health and wellness, and reading and writing strategies

Academic Adjustments for Q or Second Language

Academic adjustments are provided in limited cases involving a significant disability, where the graduation expectations for the quantitative skills and/or second language proficiency are a barrier to the completion of a degree.

Student-Athlete Success Program (SASP)

  • Advising and guidance for student-athletes


  • Information Center located in Wilbur Cross
  • Advice about navigating UConn as well as using the Student Administration system