Top Registration Tips

Preparing for Course Registration

  • Know your pick time. This is labeled “Enrollment Appointment” in Student Admin.
  • Meet with your advisor if your major requires it (you will have an “advising required” hold) or if you want to discuss your goals, planned courses and/or requirements. For more information or to locate your advisor, visit see the “Your Advisor” page.
  • Check if you have a hold on your account that could prevent you from enrolling and make sure you take care of any tasks required to remove the hold. Holds can come from a number of offices and sometimes take a few days to lift. Only the office that has placed your hold can lift it.
  • Know your Advisement Report (“My Requirements” in the drop-down menu.) This report will show you which requirements you have fulfilled and which you still need to take. It assumes that you will successfully complete the courses in which you are currently enrolled and counts them under requirements fulfilled.
  • Plan the courses you would like to register for next semester and put them in your shopping cart using a combination of these tools:
    • College Scheduler: allows students to visualize possible class schedules and  build an ideal schedule based on campus, term, subject, times of day, and desired breaks.
    • Dynamic Class Search: displays how many seats are open and whether they are reserved for a particular group (e.g. majors) or are available to anyone who meets the prerequisites.
    • ‘Class Search & Enroll’: allows students to locate courses and place in shopping carts
  • Be sure to check the campus location when selecting a course. 
  • Always have extra courses ready in your shopping cart in case you are unable to enroll in your preferred courses.

Registering for Courses

  • Enroll at your appointed time. The earlier you register, the better your choices.
  • Check that you are enrolling for the desired term. The system often defaults to the next upcoming term, such as Summer or Winter. If the term is incorrect, click the green “Change Term” button to select the correct term.
  • Be flexible. If you really want a class, be flexible about the section and the time.
  • If the class is full or reserved, check if there is a cross-listed section with available seats. A cross-listed class is the same class offered through two different departments. Either section will meet your requirements.
  • Remember! Your shopping cart is not a waitlist or enrollment. The shopping cart is your own personal planner. To enroll or waitlist, use the green buttons on each screen until you see a green check mark saying you’re enrolled or have been added to the waitlist.
  • Select your 10 credits of waitlisted courses carefully. Since you are limited to 10 credits of waitlisted courses, enroll in the courses that are harder to get into and waitlist for the classes that have more open seats or are less likely to fill. Instructions on how to waitlist for a course in Student Admin can be found in Quick Guide: Waitlists and Permission Numbers. See also FAQ about Waitlists.

 After Registration

  • Double check your enrollment in the List View and the Calendar View.
  • Swap, don’t drop if you need to alter your schedule. This will ensure that you will not lose your current course if the one you want doesn’t pan out.
  • Check your course schedule the day before classes to see if any rooms have changed.
  • Know the Add/Drop deadlines available on the Academic Calendar.