Using Nexus

Nexus (, a University of Connecticut software platform, places actionable data in the hands of the advising community to promote student retention and success. Nexus complements the university’s student support services and enhances information sharing between students, staff, and faculty. Tools include dashboards, appointment scheduling, note sharing, event registration, and more.

  • Sharing tools and resources to allow students to gauge their academic progress, communicate with their advisors, and connect with their peers in academic pursuits
  • Creating a common site for advisors to engage with student-level academic data
  • Providing advisors a common platform to keep regular notes on student meetings and interactions
  • Linking the advising community together as they seek to support students developmentally and holistically

Faculty Advisor Nexus Training Video:

Link to Nexus Tools: Nexus tools from the video above further explained and more.

For access to Nexus, go to the following link: Nexus Access Request