High Demand Course Repeat Policy

CHEM 1127Q MCB 3010
CHEM 2444 PNB 2264-2265
MATH 2110 PNB 2274-2275
MATH 2210 PHYS 1010
MATH 2410 PHYS 1201-1202
MCB 2000 PHYS 1401-1402
MCB 2410 PHYS 1501-1502
MCB 2610

For Spring 2018 registration, repeaters will be allowed to begin registering for these courses starting November 8, 2017.  However, if you are in your last semester and need to repeat one of these courses in order to raise your GPA for graduation purposes, please send an email to the CLAS Academic Services Center atclasasc@uconn.edu.

  • Your name
  • Your PeopleSoft number
  • Your major
  • Your campus
  • The course you wish to repeat
  • The specific reason why you need to repeat the course