Outstanding Undergraduate Academic Advisor Student Nomination Form

The University of Connecticut has established three goals for advising: access, knowledge and support.  When selecting the Outstanding Undergraduate Academic Advisor for 2023, the committee will be looking for nominations that address these three goals.

The nomination deadline is Monday, March 13, 2023

When completing the nomination form, use the following criteria to guide your answers:


1. Access:

  • Describe how your advisor makes themselves available and accessible to you.
  • Do you have frequent contact with them?
  • Does your advisor make themselves readily available to you?
  • Does your advisor reach out to you, sharing information or following up on a meeting or concern?

2. Knowledge:

  • Is your advisor knowledgeable about degree requirements and other University’s rules and regulations?
  • Is your advisor able to easily answer your questions or do they know whom to ask if they do know the answer?
  • Has your advisor referred you to other staff, faculty or offices for additional help? How useful was that referral?
  • Describe how your advisor collaborated with other faculty or staff members to support you.

3. Support

  • Describe your advisor’s interpersonal or “people” skills. Are they friendly? Open? Welcoming?
  • Does your advisor show a genuine concern for your progress and success?
  • Does your advisor support you with your personal and career goals?
  • Do you feel you can go to your advisor in times of need?