Academic Adjustments Contacts

Students seeking an academic adjustment will need to meet with their dean’s designee, or if they are an ACES student, the ACES director, and a representative from the Center for Students with Disabilities. Contact information for each is below. Please note that if you are pursuing an additional degree you will be required to meet with dean’s designees in both of your schools/colleges.

Students attending regional campuses may meet with their Student Services directors to review the academic adjustments petition process.

Dean’s Designee/Director Contact Phone
Academic Center for Exploratory Students Pat Harkins (Director’s designee) 860 486 1788
Bachelor of General Studies Pat Harkins (Director’s designee) 860 486 1788
College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources Meagan Ridder (Dean’s designee) 860 486 2919
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Rebecca Laroche Walker (Dean’s designee) 860 486 2822
Neag School of Education Ann Traynor (Dean’s designee) 860 486 1354
School of Engineering Whitney Losapio (Dean’s designee) 860 486-0512
School of Nursing Pam Cartledge (Dean’s designee) 860 486 1701
School of Business Brandy Nelson (Dean’s designee) 860 486 2315
School of Fine Arts Eva Gorbants (Assistant Dean) 860 486 3016
School of Pharmacy Philip Hritcko (Associate Dean) 860 486 2216
Center for Students with Disabilities Lorri Comeau (CSD representative) 860 486 2020